Who We Are

Defining the whole meaning of HOLIDAY is our mission;the moment you choose to have a good time in KENYA.

As soon as you choose holidaying along the ocean and can take a deep sea dive,we are the people you need for company,because we always make it worth.

Over the years in Kenya diving has become one of the most popular sports. Kenya has a very large number of Diving Operators. The leading Diving Operator in Mombasa is Baracuda Diving Team.

BARACUDA DIVING TEAM is a unit of experienced and aspiring divers along the KENYAN COASTLINE .

We will make you love the ocean,the beach and  the biggest National Marine Reserve in East Africa.

Learners and those with a phobia have no reason to worry anymore;-we have been teaching people how to dive since 1978 courtesy of our SCUBA DIVING operation.

We maintain  SCUBAPRO EQUIPMENT with boats of various sizes to befit our range of clientele.

Our rates are also so competitive,that you would have no reason to miss out on exploring the virginity of some of the least visited areas under water here along the Kenyan coast,while you are here. 

In the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean there are more than 20 million tropical Marine Fish.

Every  time you dive you  swim along shoals of fish and floating above breathtakingly beautiful hard and soft corals.

Take note that Kenya is one of the very few locations in the world where there is a 90% chance of seeing reef sharks plus the biggest fish in the sea, the whale shark.

Whale sharks are particularly impressive as the cruise slowly through the water feeding their 10 meter bodies with the plentiful plankton.

Water visibility is good and can range from 7 to 32 metres.

Temperatures never go below 24°c and in the summer can reach up to 30°c . This combination provides an exquisite diving experience.